Important Information for Patients

National Register of Registered Chiropractors Foundation (SNRC)

The Movement Recipe is registered with the National Register of Registered Chiropractors (SNRC). The SNRC has drawn up quality requirements and rules for the expertise, professional competence, ethics, practice and business operations of the Registered Chiropractor. On the SNRC website you will find more information about chiropractic, what registered chiropractors must adhere to and how you can file a complaint if desired.

Performance description SNRC

What expertise and actions can you expect from your chiropractor and which you can’t. This is described in the SNRC’s performance description. Link here: SNRC.pdf

Dutch Chiropractic Association (DCF)

The Movement Recipe is lid van de Dutch Chiropractic Association (DCF).

SNRC Code of Professional Ethics

The Movement Recipe takes its ethics and professional standards very seriously.  The SNRC code of ethics is included in the professional standard. A Registered Chiropractor is familiar with and acts in accordance with the ICA guidelines and the ICA code of Professional Ethics, whereby the Registered Chiropractor uses a correct attitude when dealing with patients and colleagues.

Patient Association VPRC:

All patients of Register Chiropractors are welcome at the Association for Patients of Register Chiropractors (VPRC). The purpose of the Association is to represent the interests of patients of Registered Chiropractors.

Complaint handling and form SNRC:

Under the Quality, Complaints and Disputes Care Act, healthcare providers are obliged to have a complaints procedure. Complaints about members of the DCF will be handled by the National Register of Chiropractors (SNRC) Foundation, with the SNRC board acting as complaints officer. If you have a complaint about a chiropractor of the DCF and you want to know more about the complaints procedure and the complaint form, click here to view more information about complaints.

Disputes and Stichting Geschilleninstantie Register Chiropractors (SGRC):

The Movement Recipe is affiliated with the Stichting Geschilleninstantie Register Chiropractors (SGRC). On the website of the SGRC you will find more information about the possibility to submit a dispute to the dispute resolution body SGRC after the SNRC’s complaints procedure.

Filing Directive

The Movement Recipe performs the chiropractic treatments in accordance with the Guideline “Setting Up File and Giving Information SNRC“. This directive sets requirements in which the treatment agreement, file formation and information exchange must comply. The Guideline also describes the Patient’s rights and required consent.