How to Properly Engage and Activate Your Pelvic Floor

May 25, 2023 | Exercises, Postpartum, Pregnancy, Uncategorized

Abdominal bracing is the co-contraction of all the muscles in the deep core and pelvic floor. It helps to provide spinal stability, strength, and reduced risk of back and pelvic floor injury.

So how do you properly engage the pelvic floor for optimal abdominal bracing? You should practice using the pelvic floor muscles so that when you have a heavy load and need 100% co-contraction of the core, the body is ready. It is helpful to practice isolating each muscle to bring awareness to the various functions and areas of the pelvic floor. But when you’re lifting a suitcase overhead on the train, a kid into a bike, or a grocery bag up the stairs, all the muscles will work together as a team.

GOAL: 3 sets of 10 contractions.  Perform quick and slow contractions.

FREQUENCY: once per day

POSITIONS: laying on back —> side lying —> on all 4s —> sitting —> standing

Additional tips:

  • Maintain diaphragm breathing

  • You should feel a squeeze and lift in the pelvic floor

  • Keep the glute and inner thigh muscles relaxed

  • With your fingers on the inside of the front pelvic bones, do a small cough.  You will feel the transversus abdominis muscle pop into your fingers.  If you are engaging your pelvic floor properly, you will also feel this muscle contract.

  • It takes 6 weeks to for muscles to hypertrophy.  If you don’t feel changes right away, keep going. Be persistent and patient.

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