Developing movement awareness and core strength that empowers ALL women on their motherhood journey.

pelvic floor rehabilitation class

These workshops are for you if you:


have a newborn & want guidance resuming activities


have toddlers and/or older kids and your pelvic floor complaints aren’t just going away like you thought they would


have back pain, pelvic instability, hip pain, upper back stiffness that isn’t resolving


want to level up on your fitness with yoga, pilates, running, lifting weights, and more


want to prepare your pregnant body for labor and get a jumpstart on postpartum

I have helped hundreds of women with similar complaints in my chiropractic practice, including back pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis rects, hip and core weakness, pelvic organ prolapse, and pelvic floor pain. As a mom, I understand that your time is valuable, so I have made it easy and enjoyable for women to come together and regain control of their bodies and lives.

You will receive education and tools to empower you in moving and restoring your body’s function. My goal is to assist you in becoming stronger and more confident in your daily activities and sports.”


~ Dr. Carly, prenatal specialized chiropractor and mom of 3

Carly Zuehlke chiropractor

Recommended Recipe:

Start with a Pelvic Floor and Core 101 workshop. There is 1 for mamas and 1 for pregnant mamas.

You will learn the basics of proper movement, posture, and core and pelvic floor activation.

You can then drop in to a Movement Bootcamp class to continue building strength and preparing for more strenuous activities.

Workshop For Mamas

You may take this course at any point after having kids, from 2 weeks to years later.

No matter where you are in your motherhood journey or what your fitness level is, this is for you. Everyone must start by learning about their body and how to engage their muscles properly and every exercise can be tailored to you. If you are only a few weeks postpartum, do not worry because a significant portion of the workshop focuses on breathing with small, controlled movements. If you have been several years into your fitness journey and want to take it to the next level, these small corrections will have a significant impact on your strength.  Whether your sport is lifting the kids, running a marathon, or squatting at the gym, you will learn the fundamental principles of movement to support your body’s needs.

Workshop goals:

  • Improve core, hip and pelvic floor strength and function

  • Improve diastasis, prolapse, and other pelvic floor dysfunctions

  • Increase mobility in chronically tight areas

  • Reduce upper and lower back pain

  • Decrease risk of urine leakage due to strained pelvic floor muscles

  • Assess your own diastasis and get tips to heal it

  • Education on anatomy of core and pelvic floor

  • Learn how to properly lift weights and carry your kids

  • Save time – learn how to do exercises with your current daily routine

  • Connect with other moms

Upcoming workshops:
Tuesday, June 18, 19.30 – 21.00 at The Movement Recipe

Workshop For Pregnant Mamas

You may take this course at any time in your pregnancy, from 8 to 42 weeks.

The workshop starts by emphasizing anatomy, breathing, and their connection to labor and posture.  Then it builds with functional movements (like a squat), movements you can do to prepare your body for labor, labor position suggestions, and what is recommended in your first few days and weeks postpartum.

You will gain tools to reconnect with your body after the baby is born.




Workshop Goals:

  • Learn safe movements you can do now to help align your body and create an optimal environment for baby
  • Improve core, hip and pelvic floor strength and function
  • Reduce aches and pains associated with pregnancy
  • Education on anatomy of core and pelvic floor
  • Learn breathing techniques and exercises to prepare you for labor
  • Prepare for postpartum and learn what you can do in the first few weeks after your baby is born.
  • Connect with other pregnant moms



Workshop size is limited to to create an intimate atmosphere and give moms the individual attention they need to share, learn and heal.

Your health investment: €49 for the workshop, including homework, informative handouts, and instructional videos

Workshop Locations

Verloskundige Praktijk Onder de Linde

Koninginneweg 113
2012GM, Haarlem

The Movement Recipe

Velserstraat 4
2023EC, Haarlem