Enhance Your Chiropractic Treatment with Personal Training

What’s Included in a Strength & Rehabilitation Session

These special one hour sessions are for someone who wants to combine personal training with a medical focus. The sessions begin with a quick chiropractic appointment to improve your nervous system function and prime the body for movement.  The remaining part of the visit is dedicated to specific training that focuses on your individualized needs.

Some goals may include:

  • Engage the core and pelvic floor while handling heavier loads, like swinging a kettlebell

  • Ensure correct muscle activation and timing during specific movements, such as using your hamstrings instead of your back during a deadlift

  • Enhance your exercise routine with postural awareness

  • Create a daily exercise routine that you can easily follow at home to maintain a healthy spine and body

  • Identify and address your movement weaknesses to prevent injuries and transform them into strengths

You can schedule this appointment only after completing a new patient intake and exam. This process provides valuable information about your health history, fitness level, and body mechanics, enabling us to prescribe the best movement recipe for you.

This holistic approach will enhance your mobility, strength, and ability to respond quickly to positional changes. It’s an incredible opportunity to take your fitness journey to the next level!

Learn more about The Movement Bootcamp, a group fitness class offered once per month at The Movement Recipe.