Did you know?

A chiropractic adjustment for your body is ACTUALLY an adjustment for your brain!  

Research shows that adjustments improve the function of the prefrontal cortex.

prefrontal cortex

 Why Do You Feel So Amazing After Each Adjustment?

These things occur in your body with EVERY adjustment so the more joints you have adjusted the better you feel! This is why we choose to adjust your whole body every visit!

  • Stress Reduction by reducing the body’s release of Cortisol (the stress hormone) and instantly releasing a flood of Serotonin (satisfaction hormone) and Dopamine (anticipation of good things hormone)
  • Improved Digestion, by reducing Cortisol blood flow returns to the gut that had been diverted during the stress (fight or Flight) response
  • Increased Focus and Learning Ability– an adjustment to the spine increases impulses to the Frontal Cortex of you brain instantly (yes you are up to 60% smarter right after an adjustment)
  • Improved Immune Response- With the reduction of Cortisol your immune function improves drastically. Chiropractic was originally licensed as an immune protection NOT neck and back pain.
  • More Happy Thoughts by releasing Serotonin and Dopamine the brain instantly seeks happier thoughts which over time create a better outlook on life.
  • More Successful in Your Life- The adjustment also causes the brain to release Oxytocin and Vasopressin which increase your desire to bond with others and your drive to get things done! This makes you More Attractive and more likely to attract what/who you want.
  • Pain Reduction through activating the nerves that sense motion and inhibit pain

What Happens Overtime with Continued Care: (Practice Makes Permanent)

  • Increase Sexual Satisfaction the frequent release of Oxytocin increases your ability to form a deeper bond with those around you and increases the intensity of each orgasm!
  • Increase ability to get pregnant– With reduced Cortisol in your system and increased blood flow to the reproductive organs women and men become more fertile.
  • Improved Movement– With reconnecting the brain and body muscles get rebalanced leading to Better Posture, Precise Coordination, and Improved Balance.
  • Reduced Depression with each adjustment your body gets better and better at releasing Serotonin and Dopamine creating an overall more positive view of Life.
  • Happier Life– The more you seek good things the better you get at finding them. The release of Serotonin, Dopamine & Oxytocin all facilitate this with EACH adjustment.

Practice Makes Permanent so you get better at producing those chemicals on your own without the need for drugs or medications.

This is why many patients chose to continue with chiropractic care, long after their symptoms are gone.  It’s not because they have to, but because they want to and they find these other benefits allow them to live their life in a healthier way.

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