Top 5 Tips To Fix Your Back Pain

As a sports chiropractor who treats back pain and has lived through it myself for many years, I have a lot of experience with back pain. Here are my top 5 tips:

Change your poor movements
Awareness is the first step in making lasting change. Start a journal or a note in your phone and write down when you have the pain. For example: after a few hours at the computer, while running, while sitting with crossed legs on the floor, or during a golf or tennis swing. Then you can start to figure out what’s causing your pain and how to correct it.

Diaphragm breathing
There are so many benefits to breathing into the diaphragm including having more stability of the core and pelvic floor, relaxation for the mind, relaxation for the muscles (especially in the upper chest), improvement in digestion, and so many more.

Trust in your body
Your thoughts affect your feelings, which creates results. You cannot get positive results from negative thoughts. Once you’ve committed to receiving help on your injury, put full trust and faith into your body, the practitioner, and the process for the best results.

Reduce inflammation
Foods high in sugar and gluten tend to cause inflammation in the gut and body, and are difficult to digest. Eating these will delay the healing process for any injury. By eradicating them, your body can focus more on healing the site of pain instead of struggling with the digestive processes.

Keep moving
Find a way to continue moving. It can be something as simple as a stretch every morning or a long walk in the afternoon. It can be more intense like playing tennis, going to pilates or yoga, or powerlifting. If you’re post-surgical, it can be as easy as contract and relax your muscles. The brain requires movement for proper stimulation. In addition, movement can reduce local inflammation and override the pain in the area. You may need to get creative, but there is always an option for a movement you can do.

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