Why I Became a Certified Running Gait Analyst

May 25, 2023 | Sports Injuries

Becoming a certified running gait analyst was always something I wanted to do.  As a fellow runner, I absolutely love supporting other runners. I understand you. I get you. I know that the thought of not running a race or taking a rest day can feel unimaginable.

I’ve always enjoyed treating runners and have worked as a chiropractor at several BIG events including:
– World Junior Track and Field Championships
– US Olympic Time Trials for Track and Field
– Ironman Boulder
– Ragnar Relay in Colorado

I recently took a course through RunDNA to up my knowledge. Even though I know how to analyze and treat injuries, I wanted to learn the specifics about how to “coach” a runner. Now I feel even more confident in analyzing running related posture, giving exercise recommendations based on your gait, providing verbal cues to give you the desired outcome, and blending in my running observations with your chiropractic treatment.

Here is an example: A male runner presents in the office with Achilles related pain. The run analysis demonstrates that he is a bouncer, meaning there is too much vertical oscillation with every step. Exam revealed limited SI joint mobility, which caused him to toe off more with his foot. Treatment includes creating more mobility in the hip and low back through chiropractic adjustments and retraining proper forward movement with verbal cues and exercises. A typical cue may include “run into the wind” or “run low to the ground”.

As a sports chiropractor, there are so many running related injuries that I could help you with including: ITBand syndrome, plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, gluteal tendonitis, back pain, hip flexor strain, and more. Schedule an appointment online to get started on getting you moving and feeling your best!

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